Animalfood And Snacks Factory BV is a new company in the soft snack production but already has more than 12 years of experience in
producing snacks for your pet.

We make snacks and food for dogs and snacks for the cats. Our go is to
produce an excellent product for your pet and here are the best ingredients
for selected.

 At us it is important that the customer is King and that we translate In the flexibility of the products we produce for our customers. You specify what you want in any form or taste or recipe and quantity. We also produce so wheat-free and gluten-free of course.

In addition, you can get packed in a variety of ways:
• private label
• plain
• bulk packaging
• AASF label packaging
The many possible packaging is determined by you, as also the weight of the packaging.
This can so bags are such as pillow and block bottom but also buckets and containers, resealable packaging and flow-pack packaging.

New in our assortment are the crispy snacks. These are delicious crunchy snacks which once again in almost all forms and flavors. It will make your pet think of a crunchy cookie from the bakery.

Because we are GMP + certified is our  staff following strictly these rules and tight according to schedule.

Because of the short lines inside the company, we are always able to respond quickly to needs and questions of the customer. And with an almost fully automated line we are also able to produce your order with care and speed ready.
And this feels you back in your wallet because of the competitive prices!

We like to see you as a customer at Animalfood And Snacks Factory BV.